13 Wardrobe Basics


I will probably never be on anybody’s “Best Dressed” list. In fact, much of the time it doesn’t matter what I wear because I’m home alone, planted in front of the computer. But here are 13 items I think every woman should have in her wardrobe. When I have these hanging in my closet, I feel confident that I’m ready for anything. Are these your basics, too? 

black-dress.jpg  1.  A “LITTLE BLACK DRESS”: This was Coco Chanel’s idea. It will take you anywhere, day or evening, to almost any occasion. If you ever want to dress up, this is an elegant no-brainer!

taupe-shoes.jpg  2. TAUPE HEELS. All the books say that these are the shoes to have. They  go with anything, and they make your legs look impossibly long.

robe.jpg  3. A FLUFFY ROBE. Got to be able to wrap up and get cuddly after a bath on a cold night.

warm-up-suit.jpg  4. A soft knit WARM-UP SUIT. This is for days when you don’t have to budge from the house. You’ll be warm all day without looking too schleppy if you have to dash for the grocery store. It’s also good for exercising, should you ever get the urge.

pant-suit.jpg  5. A NEUTRAL-COLORED PANT SUIT & BLOUSE. Someday you’ll have to go on a job interview, a meeting, an appointment, or actually go to work! You can’t go wrong in this for looking professional.

purse.jpg  6. A GOOD-QUALITY PURSE: It should be large enough to hold essentials, but not so large that it looks like a suitcase. Pockets are good. Real leather will last.

earrings.jpg  7. PEARL EARRINGS. They are classic, flatter your skin, and work with any outfit.

flip.jpg  8. FLIP-FLOPS. A comfortable and fun must-have for summer. My high school students actually wear them year-round.

jeans.jpg  9. WELL-FITTING JEANS. The basis for any wardrobe.

leather-jacket.jpg  10. A BLACK LEATHER JACKET. This can be your all-around coat. It keeps you warm, it will last, and it even looks sexy!

frilly.jpg  11. A FRILLY NIGHTIE. Some nights are just made for romance. Or you might be on vacation! This adds to the fun.

sweater.jpg  12. A GOOD SWEATER. This works with the jeans or the pant suit. Keeps you warm and cuddly. Never goes out of style.

t-shirt.jpg  13. A COLLECTION OF T-SHIRTS. They come in all sizes, prices, fabrics, and colors. A woman can never have too many of these.

Have I left anything out? Is there a must-have item you would never be without?

I’ll leave you with this piece of wardrobe advice from Cynthia Heimel– “High-heeled, thin-strapped sandals have been known to drive some men to frenzies, but they’re often men who want to tie you up, so be careful.”  *grin*



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15 thoughts on “13 Wardrobe Basics

  1. Hmm, with the exception of taupe heels. I have them all.

    So, when I’m in the shoe store buying ANOTHER PAIR OF SHOES, let it be known that it’s all your fault! :o)

  2. Love your list, Elizabeth. I’ve got everything on it but the taupe heels. I also like to keep a scarf that goes with everything (including the frilly nightgown!), either in a neutral or bright color.

  3. I am loving the purse on the list because I collect them. The robe is my favorite though. Don’t ya just love sitting at the computer and writing in your pjs or robe? I know I do!

  4. Playing catch-up… *g*

    I’ve been looking for a simple black dress for ages, but designers always seem to ruin them with gaudy embellishments or weird necklines. Sweats and tees, on the other hand, I have in abundance. And the pearl earrings–they go great with my fluffy bathrobe. *WG*

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