Book in a Week

  Today is the start of “BOOK IN A WEEK,” a project that Nebraska Romance Writers does every quarter. We all just type and type, posting our results to the loop each evening. There are no rules, no angst, just a lot of writing.

Many groups do BIAW projects. It all began with April Kihlstrom, who writes: 

“I believe that BIAW is a gift we give ourselves. It’s a gift of one week to write as much as we can, as fast as we can without worrying about “rules” and “can” and “can’t.” It’s about letting ourselves experiment and take chances. For one week, we shove that dreaded inner critic in a closet and padlock the door! For one week, we tell ourselves and everyone around us that writing IS a priority in our lives–that we ARE writers. We give ourselves the chance to discover–or perhaps remember!–the joy that writing can bring. It’s wonderful if one ends up with an entire first draft–as I do–but equally wonderful to step back afterwards and realize how much we’ve learned about ourselves as writers.”

 Here’s a link to April’s info on BIAW:

Happy writing! 


4 thoughts on “Book in a Week

  1. Hey, Elizabeth

    I hope you’re kicking some butt on your BIAW project. Are you starting a new romance, or is this project of a different variety?

  2. Hi, Diana… so far, I’m playing around with some different projects that were half-started. The BIAW directions say to keep working on the one that you can’t quit! So we’ll see. . .

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