May Progress

betty.jpg   “School’s out for the summah. . . ”  Remember that song? Yay, yay. No more substitute teaching for awhile, so I have three full months to make progress on some of my other projects. 

Despite my being sick most of the month, May was fairly good. I lost another two pounds, for a total loss of 8.2 lbs. Slow, but sure, progress.

I added Copywriting to my duties on job, and that is turning out to be a joy.

No new writing submissions in May, but a start on a rewrite. I’m getting ready for next week when our writing group will be doing “Book in a Week.” More about that later, but it’s guaranteed to rev up one’s motivation and focus.  

We had a particularly wet spring here in Nebraska, so it’s been officially declared that “the drought is over.” I love wet springs. I can just hear the trees growing.

So things continue, I love my friends and family, and life is good.


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