13 Historical Romances


13 Classic Historical Romance Novels

It’s a day early, but I’m trying to figure out the Thursday Thirteen meme. I love what Robin and Diana have done with it on their blogs, so here’s my first try:

Back in the day, when historical romances ruled the genre, I saved my favorites on a keeper shelf. Here they are, in no particular order. These are the novels I loved, the ones I studied, the ones that made me want to write historical romance. They still give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I see their covers. If you can get hold of them, fall in love–all over again!

1.    Beast — Judith Ivory

2.    A Fire in the Heart — Katherine Sutcliffe

3.    Caught in the Act —   Betina Krahn

4.    The Shadow and the Star —  Laura Kinsale

5.    Heart of the West — Penelope Williamson

6.    Love’s Illusion — Katherine Sutcliffe

7.    The Taming — Jude Deveraux

8.    Silver Splendor — Barbara Dawson Smith

9.    Sweet Summer Storm — Amy Elizabeth Saunders

10.  No Sweeter Heaven — Katherine Kingsley

11.  Crimson Obsession — Deana James

12.  Midnight Lace — Elizabeth Kary

13.  Gilded Splendor — Elizabeth Parker   (You know I had to include this one!)

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4 thoughts on “13 Historical Romances

  1. Awesome, Elizabeth! Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! I found your list on the TT roster, so know that you’ve made the list.

  2. I used to read some of these…not these titles in particular, but the others like them (I think). Kathleen Woodiwiss? LaVyrle Spencer? Am I close?

    And one that had lots of steamy sex, but I don’t remember author or title, damn! 🙂

  3. Therese, yes, they’re in the ballpark. Kathleen Woodiwiss came before the authors I listed. Her FLAME AND THE FLOWER was actually one of the very first historical romances, so she’s kind of responsible for the whole genre being created!

    LaVyrle Spencer was great, too. I still have her book NOVEMBER OF THE HEART.

    “Lots of steamy sex” sounds like Rosemary Rogers’ SWEET SAVAGE LOVE. She was one of the first to get “steamy.”

    It’s a grand old tradition. Hope I brought back some good memories for you.

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