Girls’ Night Out

girls1.jpg  One of the pleasures of being a woman is having a Girls’ Night Out. Last evening was just such an occasion. Three of us. Mary, Irene, and I. In Irene’s lovely country home. Lots of talk, lots of laughs.

We began by sipping wine on the deck. The Nebraska view was marvelous — horses (including two new foals) frolicking in a lush green pasture, the deepening dusk, the moon scuttling in and out of clouds. We talked about everything–men, the “rule of love” (when you think you can’t have someone, your antennae prick up and the person suddenly seems particularly enticing), the endearing behavior of pets, a frustrating incident with an exploded rhubarb pie, fears and hopes for the future, on and on. horses1.jpg

Then we munched popcorn while watching Edward Norton in THE ILLUSIONIST. I hadn’t seen this, and I loved it. Sex and magic in turn-of-the-century Vienna.  illusionist.jpg

It’s so wonderful to connect with friends and a night out — women only. Girlfriends, I recommend it for whatever ails you.     


3 thoughts on “Girls’ Night Out

  1. (pouting) The last time I had anything close to a “girls’ night” was at the NRW luncheon. I miss living near girlfriends! But I’m glad you had such a good time. Guys are great, but there’s just nothing like a night of intimate conversation with other gals.

  2. Hey, if you decide to do Thursday Thirteen, you should post and get around to other people’s TT’s as early as possible — and post in the topic at Divas, too — so that as many people as possible see and follow your link. Many of us post the night before so that all we have to do in the morning is go visiting.

  3. The gals and I from work try and get together once a week, though I can’t always make it because of other commitments. But it is so fun to just sit and gab!

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