Bond — Stephanie Bond

stephanie.jpg   People are starting to put this on their blogs, and the excitement is building! Nebraska Romance Writers will be hosting its 5th Annual Conference on October 26-27, 2007, and you’re all invited! See the details by clicking on “NE Romance Writers” in my Favorite Sites at the left. We’re excited because Stephanie Bond will be the guest speaker.

SB writes sexy mysteries for Mira, humorous romantic suspense novels for Avon/HarperCollins, and romantic comedies for Harlequin Books. She is best known for writing steamy books that make readers laugh out loud.

Since 1997, Stephanie has published over 40 books, had an excerpt featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and is achieving great reviews for her latest release, BODY MOVERS:2 for the price of 1.

Ms. Bond has reached the Waldenbooks Top Ten Best Selling Title List numerous times and has earned many industry awards since leaving her career in systems engineering to write full time.  deepvoodoo.gif


2 thoughts on “Bond — Stephanie Bond

  1. Great post, Elizabeth! I can hardly wait to learn from such a prolific author. She expresses wonderful humor in her books, and also has a very educational journal and a ton of writing articles on her Web site.

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