En Avant!

road.jpg  “En Avant!” was Tennessee Williams’ personal mantra, meaning “Onward!” So I’ll apply it to myself. I’ve been whining about having my book rejected by Ellora’s Cave.  My first inclination was to put it away and sulk, but everybody (even Dh) is telling me to submit it to other online houses. So I guess I need to do that.

I’ve recently realized I need to toe a fine line in the future — if I can. Here’s the question: Is it possible to enjoy writing, while not torturing oneself about the outcome? Do you know? Anybody? Bueller?

Because I keep coming back to something the wise Melissa said in her blog: she’s just happier when she’s writing. I have to admit — so am I.

I can’t remember who said it, but here’s a good thought about it all:

“One can put oneself in the posture to be struck by lightning, but lightning may never strike. Meanwhile, eagerly and without bitterness, one goes on working.”


3 thoughts on “En Avant!

  1. I firmly believe that to make it in this writing business, you have to go focus on the process itself. The end result is the bonus, so to speak. If you’re beating yourself up about not getting published, you will rob yourself of the joy you have in writing in the first place. Ask yourself a question: if you would never be published again, would you quit writing? The answer for me is absolutely not. I can’t NOT write. I can’t imagine not having writing in my life.

    Remember: being published is a reward, not a guarantee. And if you enjoy the process of writing, immerse yourself in that joy, you’ll be much happier.

  2. Of course writing is fun, or you wouldn’t have done it this long. This is the perfect time of year when you can make it even more fun by getting out to a lake or sitting on your porch and writing away in the sunshine.

    Or . . . tell yourself you’re NOT going to write for a specified period of time. Bet you can’t do it.

  3. One thing if for sure: if you don’t put yourself in a position to be struck by lightning, you won’t be struck by lightning.

    I write because I love it; and because I so badly wanted that lightning to strike me, I kept at it even when what had looked like a sure thing failed (i.e. my novel prior to SOUVENIR, which got me an agent but didn’t sell).

    There’s never any guarantee, but to repeat myself: you’ll NEVER get published if you stop writing and submitting, right?

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