Plot Bunny

plot-bunny.jpg  Hooray! Today’s mail just arrived, and I’m now the proud new owner of a purple Plot Bunny.

I’m a regular visitor at the Erotic Romance Blog, where author Emily Veinglory held a contest. The first four to post how they got a book idea won a Plot Bunny. Of course, I couldn’t resist. Here’s the answer I posted:

When I was a little girl, we traveled from Nebraska to visit the “Deep South.” At a mansion, I saw a photo of a beautiful young girl with wavy hair rippling down to her waist. The caption said she had died young by accidently setting her hair on fire with an oil-heated curling wand.

I never forgot that girl. Thirty years later, she appeared in my first novel, setting the scene for a mystery. “Who held the door shut while she burned to death?”

Sometimes, ideas can percolate for years. 🙂

That was where the idea began for my published historical romance, Gilded Splendor. 

Blogs are sure fun, and these little contests brighten a day. I placed the critter by my laptop. *rubbing his nose*  I can already feel the magic working.

Do you have a story of how you came up with a book idea? 


5 thoughts on “Plot Bunny

  1. Ooh, fascinating!

    Let’s see…book ideas…when my mom told me the story of how my grandparents left their home in the middle of the night, left all the furniture behind, etc., packed up their two kids, and moved from their home in Scotia, Nebraska, to western Nebraska. To this day, no one knows why they did it.

    I have a rough outline sketch of that novel, but haven’t developed it yet. I want to delve into the “why?” portion of the story and see what I can come up with!

  2. What a haunting image! I can see why that stuck with you.

    Seniorella is the only story idea I can actually remember coming up with — I was driving out of the Wal-Mart parking lot when a little old lady in a big old car swung wide around the corner, right into my lane. I cried (something like) “Hey, take it easy there, Seniorella!” and flashed at once on the basic premise of that story. I have no idea what made me call her Seniorella in the first place, though. 😀 Muses are whimsical creatures.

  3. I can see why that disturbing image stayed with you all of those years. It’s great that you were able to utilize it.

    Many of my plot ideas come from my dreams. One story idea actually came from a horrible nightmare. I put off writing about it for years because it was so horrendous, but then I finally wrote the story.

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