A Case of Bad Thoughts

bad.jpg  Right after the spa party, I felt soooo tired. Sure enough, that evening I came down with a bad case of cold, fever, sore throat, hacking cough, etc. It’s been nearly a week, and I’m just beginning to feel human again.

One of my girlfriends is also sick, and I think I got it from her. But, while lying there in agony, I couldn’t help thinking — I recently read The Secret, and its words came back to haunt me. It says I unwittingly attracted this illness. Hard to admit guilt, but looking back at the previous week, I’d have to say it’s true. I did attract this cold. 

I’ve been substitute teaching more than usual lately, and having more than the usual trouble with students. Last Friday, I got so mad, I actually yelled at a student, “Get out of here!” Then I muttered under my breath, “Idiot!” and I’m sure other students heard. He stood in the hall and yelled, “YOU get out of here!”

Yikes! I can’t believe I did that. Not a very nurturing thing to do, but he was horrible. Then I went to two parties over the weekend (including preparing for my own), all the while thinking bad thoughts about how stressed I was. The spa party helped to relax me, but by then, the damage was done, and I came down sick.

This is controversial. One of the detractors’ complaints about The Secret is that it’s unfeeling to say that people who have cancer, accidents, etc. have attracted their suffering by the way they’ve been thinking.  But in my particular case, it was true.

Now I have to think more positive thoughts. I hate it when one lazy student with a bad attitude has the power to hold a whole class hostage, spoiling things for everybody else. Nothing gets done as everybody’s attention is focused on him or her. However, for every horrible, disruptive student, there are 20 who are cooperative and polite. I must remember to focus on them and be grateful. Sometimes, it’s darn hard!  

Do you believe we attract our suffering with our bad thinking?


4 thoughts on “A Case of Bad Thoughts

  1. I think our thoughts sometimes translate into stress which can be very harmful for the body. But I don’t think we necessarily “ask for it” when we think negative thoughts. I know very positive people who have been struck down with illnesses, and they just keep on going.

    I’m not one to buy into stuff like The Secret. I try to just trust God with my life and turn to Him in everything.

  2. I guess if we really do create our own reality, we must attract the bad stuff with the good. I’m still kind of on the fence with that idea (in keeping with my knack to sometimes shirk responsibility), but I certainly don’t want to tell someone going through a rough time that he/she brought it about with his/her own choosing. It just sounds so mean. Plus, I’ve had friends tell me that when I’ve gone through a hard time, and I wanted to clock ’em. That doesn’t exactly make for some good karma.

    Still, I like reading stuff like The Secret because it tends to crack open my mind a little bit. If we were given that much creative empowerment by our Creator, WOW! I now try to be more mindful of my thoughts. I really got on that path with the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer. His Secrets of the Power of Intention is wonderful. I especially like listening to it on CD. Powerful stuff.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Have a great weekend and watch those thoughts.

  3. I’m in the camp that says you can run yourself down, and thus become more susceptible to cold/flu/viruses.

    I don’t believe people “attract” cancer, except via chemical pathways (smoking, for example).

    And most other serious illnesses are, in most cases, just plain bad luck or inadvertent exposure to something toxic.

    Whatever you believe, I say stop stressing over whether your stressing made you sick! 🙂

    And if you get a chance, think about heading to the North Carolina beach for some R&R and we can meet up there!

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