Wild Idea Buffalo

buffalo.jpg  Have you ever eaten buffalo meat? It’s a treat — lean, tasty, and sweet. Today, I got my newsletter from one of my favorite web sites, reminding me of the Wild Idea Buffalo Company.

I’ve always been fascinated by these cute, but ornery, creatures. They look cuddly, but they’re actually mean and wild, not to be messed with. The history of their destruction, and the resulting destruction of the Indian culture, is a sad and epic story.

Dan O’Brien formed his company in 1997 to restore the eco-systems of the Great Plains. Instead of growing the inevitable beef cattle, he raises grass-fed buffalo, restoring them back to their homeland, the prairie. By doing this, he works to improve the bio-diversity of wild plants and animals. He also sells “the finest tasting and healthiest red meat money can buy.” I think this is a wonderful idea.

If you’d like to read more, you can visit the web site, http://www.wildideabuffalo.com/.  The company puts out a literary newsletter. Dan O’Brien also writes books, among them, BUFFALO FOR THE BROKEN HEART. (The Broken Heart is the name of his ranch.) I’ve read this book twice and also heard him speak at UNL. He’s a soft-spoken, earnest, and humble man with a wild idea.

Hail to the buffalo!


2 thoughts on “Wild Idea Buffalo

  1. When I worked at Fort Robinson, we served buffalo burger. You really couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference between it and beef. They were pretty popular, too.

    I also drove around the park a few times and saw the buffalo. They are magnificent creatures.

  2. I prefer buffalo meat over beef. It’s very lean. Way back in the day, I remember there was a bar in Lincoln that served buffalo burgers long before any other restaurant carried them. I also remember as a kid going out to the park in south Lincoln and watching the buffalo. Very interesting animal.

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