241.jpg  Do you watch 24?  I do, faithfully, every Monday night. It’s an exciting show, and when I’m not on the edge of my seat, I’m laughing. It provides many giggles — unintentionally. So it’s a fun hour either way you cut it.  

The plot synopsis from the website highlights the non-stop action:  “Federal Agent Jack Bauer can’t afford to always play by the rules. As a member of the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit, Jack must stop bombs, viruses, assassination attempts, and usually save someone he cares about at the same time. Every season of this series has 24 episodes, each unfolding in real time following a consecutive hour in one very bad day.”

The characters are interesting. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is my favorite, of course. I’ve always had a thing for his father, Donald Sutherland. Keifer is every bit as sexy and sensitive, in my book.

Poor Chloe has an acting range from A to B. I call her “Pouty.” It’s fascinating to see if she’ll ever smile (she’s only changed expressions once in all the episodes that I recall). chloe.jpg

The Secretary of State once played a comic villain, under the thrall of “Vigo” in Ghostbusters — so I always get a kick out of him. peter.jpg

Other characters have names I enjoy, like computer nerds, Milo and Morris.

Southpark did a hilarious spoof of 24. A big part of the real show consists of cell phoning and fancy computer maneuvers. (It’s no coincidence that the show is sponsored by Sprint.) In Southpark, the kids phone each other with orders to “cross-reference Mapquest with iTunes! Check him out on MySpace and AskJeeves!”

Tonight’s episode was particularly fun. Jack was torturing Fayed, the villain. At one point, he hit him across the face, then nearly fell down because it hurt his own hand so much. Dh muttered from the couch, “Get a bat, fer Christ’s sake.” Then, Jack finally found the bombs they’d been searching for all season. The characters usually cell-phone each other over every little detail. However, this time, JACK DOESN’T CALL. From the couch, Dh asked “Shouldn’t you phone first?” No, Jack barges in all by himself. Good thing he was able to overpower six big men with guns, or the bombs would still be missing.

I’ve read that Kiefer Sutherland, who also produces the show, has acquired massive wealth for the first time in his life. More power to him. Monday night’s 24 is highly entertaining. Thanks, Kiefer!


8 thoughts on “24

  1. We’re weekly 24 viewers too–and when Jack didn’t call we said the same thing! Plot critique is one of the best parts of watching. 🙂

    I like KS more now than I did when he was younger (but he smokes, ick). Still, I think I prefer DS. Either way, it’s all good.

    And you know, I wouldn’t throw the actor who plays Morris out of bed either!

  2. I haven’t watched “24” past the first season. I liked it, but it moved a little TOO much for me. I wanted to see a little more character development and not just action, action, action. It’s definitely a guy show, although Kiefer Sutherland does provide great eye candy for the ladies. As I started watching the 2nd season, it just seemed a little too campy, reminding me of the old “Batman” show from the ’60s.

  3. Morris and Chloe–hard to get behind that story thread. Chloe is just as you describe–well, except last season when her friend/co-worker died during the gas poisoning…

    But then she hasn’t had much cause to do more than glower this season, has she?

  4. Hate to be the party pooper here, Liz, but I don’t watch 24 at all. While I realize it’s “just TV,” I see nothing entertaining about my heros being US government agents torturing others. It’s immoral, against the law, and wrong.

    Even the US Army has begged the show’s producers to tone it down, saying the program makles its harder for them to tell 19-year old soldiers they can’t pummel Ali in Bagdad when they see it portrayed so approvingly on TV. (c.f.: The New Yorker, last month)

    Sometimes, Lizzie, you don’t think things all the way through (c.f.: Prince Harry, your blog, also last month.)

    In none of my military training was torture ever permitted, no matter how extreme the circumstance. It’s wrong and it doesn’t work. Senator John McCain was tortured daily for four years in North Vietnam and gave up the starting line up of the Green bay Packers as the names of his squadron mates. It’s wrong and it doesn’t work.

    It troubles me that this administration (Shrub’s) has so coarsened our hearts that you “sensitive” writer types don’t examine the premises of your “entertainment.”

  5. Captain, I know you’re a Navy man from a military family, but, jeez, lighten up! If all our TV shows had to be moral and PC, we’d never get to watch anything.

    My blog is hardly the place to decide the pros and cons of political torture, but I guess if people want to discuss it, then go ahead!

  6. You don’t find these words just a little weird, darling?

    “Tonight’s episode was particularly fun. Jack was torturing Fayed”

    I do.

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