The Secret

secret.jpg  Well, I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon. THE SECRET is a book and DVD that have been wildly popular, but I resisted at first. After all, the power of positive thinking is hardly new. I also resented how it coat-tailed the popular look of THE DA VINCI CODE, saying that this is a secret that has been repressed for ages by successful people who used it.  C’mon!!  Basically, the author rewrote a 100-year-old self-help book, enlisted the comments of modern-day motivational speakers, marketed it as “a secret,” and presented it with a lot of “Da Vinci Code-like” artwork (creamy aged parchments, scrolls and sealing wax, Vetruvian man images, flickering candles, etc.). I cynically thought it was just a savvy piece of marketing. (Which it is.) But after Diana posted about it on her blog, I caved and bought the book and DVD.

Now I’m glad I did! THE SECRET has some wonderful things to say. Yes, we’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating. Since “like attracts like,” the lives we are living are a direct result of the way we’ve thought in the past. We manifest what we think about, and most of it ain’t good. If we now focus joyously on what we want (instead of what we don’t want), our future lives will be more successful and rosy. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course, the hard part is monitoring and changing our thoughts, but THE SECRET gives easy, practical ways to do that. 

What I like about THE SECRET is that the information is presented in an exciting, fun way. The images and music (especially toward the end of the video) are beautiful. Most important is the way it makes me feel. Every time I read the book or watch the video, I immediately feel more empowered and hopeful. It just makes me feel good. That’s worth the price, right there!

So, if you want to feel good, I recommend THE SECRET. It can’t hurt, and it just might change your life. At the very least, it will lift your spirits and brighten your day.


One thought on “The Secret

  1. I’m eager to read the book, really enjoy the DVD. Now I want to find some other materials on the Law of Attraction and compare it to “The Secret.” Glad to hear you like it. I know it helps motivate me and forces me to examine my thoughts, choices and actions more so that I can continue to improve my life.

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