Online Critique

editing.jpg  I am so excited and grateful! At the Romance Divas site, I found three experienced writers who want to form a critique group. I’ve never had ongoing critique partners online, and I would like feedback. These gals are not “newbies,” so they will be able to give me good critiques. We’re off and running with a new group of four!

Critique is so important. You just can’t see everything in your own work. Sometimes, good critiquers can provide insights and thoughts that add another special spark to your WIP. Plus, they keep you writing. You wouldn’t want to disappoint or let them down!

Have I told you about the Romance Divas site? I believe I have, but I’ll say it again. They are helpful in so many ways! Lots of fun and information. Here’s another benefit of Romance Divas — Robin L. Rotham met their challenge to write a novella and post it for free. Now she’s turned around and sold that very same novella, SENIORELLA, to Ellora’s Cave!

Romance Divas! Go there!


2 thoughts on “Online Critique

  1. Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on starting your new critique group. That’s wonderful. Finding critique partners that will provide honest, insightful feedback is great gift.

    Thanks also for pointing out the Romance Divas site.

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