Split Personality

betty-boop.jpg  I guess I’m confusing some readers with my many names.

My parents chose the name, “Elizabeth Ann Payne.” I’ve been told they were considering “Diane,” until they sped up the pronunciation and came up with “Dyin’ Pain.”

Growing up, I was always been known as “Betty” or “Betty Ann.” I never really liked “Betty.” It sounds like something from the ’50s. Plain and housewifey.

So when I began writing, I became “Elizabeth” again and try to use it in all my professional activities. Can’t get away from the nickname with people who know me, though.

Somebody online loved the name “Betty,” however! Said it means a hottie — as in “She’s a Betty.” Must come from Betty Boop, I don’t know. And I have been known as “Boops” in one of my incarnations. 

But jeez, just wait until I start publishing again under my pseudonyms:

Historical Romance          – Elizabeth Parker

Contemporary Romance –  Karen Parker
Mystery                              – E.A. Parker
Children’s/YA                   – Echo Howard
Magazine Articles            – Elizabeth Parker
Romantica             – Liz Howard

Hard to keep track of, huh? Sometimes, I feel like a split personality with all my many names. Maybe I should come up with one all-encompassing handle. But what would it be? How about “Hey You”?


8 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. Dear Betty/Elizabeth,

    I’ve only known you for a year or so, but I consider you my friend. And I would NEVER have guessed you didn’t like it when I called you ‘Betty.”

    So, henceforth, I shall call you Elizabeth. Because you see…you are not ‘plain and housewify’ at all.

    That would be…um…me.


    A Housewife

  2. Christine! Welcome to my blog. And thank you for the nice compliment.

    However, I must say, you are anything but plain and housewifey. YOU are the very cutest. And an astute busineswoman. I don’t know what Nebraska Romance Writers would do without you.

  3. “Betty” meaning “hottie” best seen in movie “Swingers” done in 1996, one of Vince Vaughn’s earlier appearances.

  4. I empathize with the name plight. I had a life-long nickname that I finally shed when I moved to North Carolina. From that point on (ten years ago now) I always introduced myself as Therese.

    Then, when I began writing, I had to decide whether to use my married name or maiden name (or invent one). I picked my maiden name; it’s the purest form of my self-identity.

    You, however, have a real challenge with all those pen names already established!

  5. Wow! I like them all. Just think, on any given day, depending on your mood, you can be one of MANY different version of yourself!

    So cool. I use my real name for my commercial mainstream books, but I’m considering doing a few children’s books on the side and if I go forward with it, I think I’ll use my maiden name, Holly Holt. 🙂

  6. Holly Holt! Wow, I like that one. Plus it’ll be easy to remember.

    Here’s a fun exercise I read about: to find a children’s writer pseudonym, just take your pet’s name, plus your mother’s maiden name. Mine is Echo Howard. 🙂

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