blog.jpg  Well, I’ve been blogging for awhile now, and what have I learned?

(1) First, that I like it! It helps me to write daily and get my thoughts in order. My purpose isn’t that the blog be read by huge numbers of people, and believe me, it’s not. But I do plug along with between 20-40 of my faithful readers checking in. Interestingly, I had a huge spike one day with 143 readers. The title that day? “Character Torture.” Hmm, makes me think the PRE-verts (as Dh would call them) were doing searches for “torture”?  Hehe.  When they got here though, they found a post about writing and didn’t come back. Ah, well . . .

(2) I see that my blogger friends always go back to reply to comments left at their blogs. I hadn’t thought to do that. Duh! I must admit I always go back and read what they replied to my comments. So, I’ll start replying to comments and keep up the conversations.

(3) There’s lots more out there in the world of blogging that I haven’t explored. Technorati, Adsense, MySpace, tagging, RSS feeds. I’ve read articles about people who run 6-10 concurrent blogs on niche topics. They’re blogging full-time for money (by putting ads on their sites and trying to attract a lot of readers who click through the ads). However, that’s not my purpose, and I don’t want this thing to take over my life, so I explore a little bit at a time.

Wonderful new world, and I’ve always been fascinated by “technie” things. So, it’s blog on!  laptop-computer.jpg


3 thoughts on “Blogosphere

  1. Blogging for a living to attract readers to ads… It sounds kind of mercenary, and yet a lot of us writers are blogging to try and promote our books. That’s why I blogged at first — now I just do it because I love it and I’m lonely without it. Most of my friends live in cyberspace. 😀

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