Love Scenes

heart.jpg  I found something today that should help with my rewrite. The editor told me to add “more and varied” sex scenes in the book, since it’s for a publisher of erotic romance. But it just didn’t feel right to gratuitously add sex scenes to plump up the word count. It’s also hard to keep these scenes fresh and different. What to do?

Then I found Angela Knight’s blog, Knight Errant. She’s a very successful writer, and here’s her advice:

Love scenes need to grow out of the characters themselves. Every time the hero and heroine go to bed together, it should reflect where they are in their relationship. In fact, ideally you should be able to read through the sex scenes alone and track the progress of the romance through the book.

In that first scene, maybe they’re uncertain or cautious or exploring — or maybe they just go nuts from pent-up sexual tension. In the next scene, maybe they’ve had an argument right before going to bed, and that anger bubbles under the surface so that the love scene becomes another expression for the conflict.

Thank you, Angela! Wise words of advice indeed. Writing this way focuses on the romance, which is always the most important part anyway.

This is one of the wonderful things about Romance Writers of America. Authors are willing to freely and unselfishly share what they know, what they’ve learned “in the trenches,” their words of advice. What a great group!


One thought on “Love Scenes

  1. I adore AK! I’ve read every post on her blog and everything she’s ever written. I’m also a member of her Yahoo group, though it’s more gabbing among a bunch of close-knit friends than anything. If anyone can tell you how to write a sex-filled book, she can. 😀

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