February Progress

napoleon.jpg  I’m so scared, my stomach hurts! I had submitted a novella to Ellora’s Cave, and just got their letter back. They want me to revise and resubmit. The letter was very positive, giving specific suggestions on what to revise.

So, why am I scared? Well, to be this close — what if I don’t revise it right?


But I ALWAYS counsel writers to never ignore positive letters like this — to just knuckle down and do the work they suggest. It is very foolish to not follow through after you’ve come so far. So I will take my own advice and do the work. I do have critique partners to help and cheer me on, thank goodness.

February Progress:  I mailed out no new submissions, but I did lose another 1.8 pounds, for a grand total of 4.8 pounds lost. Next week, I should get my Weight Watchers “5-lb-loss silver star”! 

All this reminds me of something Napoleon Bonaparte once said:  “I’ve discovered a very strange thing — men are willing to die for a piece of ribbon.”

Yes, and diet for a silver star. Hehe.


6 thoughts on “February Progress

  1. Yay, Betty! I know you can make the revisions and get your novel SOLD. You can do it!!!

    BTW – I’ve always had a fascination with Napoleon. He also said, “Imagination rules the world.” I like that quote.

  2. You go girl! You deserve everything wonderful that happens to you & then some. Ride this publishing freak horse with all you got! Let me know how everything goes. Best writing wishes!

  3. Congratulations on the request for revisions! That’s awesome. Keep us posted. I’m eager to read the published copy.

    All the best,


  4. I love this, and know just how you feel–it’s so hard to feel confident even when we KNOW the wisdom of the advice we always give.

    I’m so pleased for you–and send all best wishes for terrific revisions (and achieving weight-loss goals)!

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