betty.jpg  One thing I’ve learned over at the Romance Divas site is that some of those divas are more focused on their works-in-progress than I am. They also hold themselves accountable for moving forward with their writing. So I’m going to start doing the same here on my blog. I’ve added a new Category called “Progress.” 

Now, what is “progress”? I’m in a quandary when I read writers posting how many pages they’ve written each day. Of course, it’s important to get those first drafts done, but what about editing and submitting? I often write in bits and snatches, with a lot of thinking, going back and forth, and editing as I go. Simply posting a number of pages per day won’t reflect how I work. 

I could post about the “hours/minutes” put into the project, and what I did with that time. That approach might be better for me.  

I’m already holding myself accountable in one way. On the wall of my bedroom, I have a Betty Boop calendar where, every month, I post the number of “Writing Submissions Mailed Out” and the number of “Pounds Lost.” In January, I lost 3 pounds and mailed out 3 submissions. I could post progress like that here, too, and call it the “Monthly Boop Report.”

I know. I know. Maybe you aren’t interested in reading my reports. But this is important to me! I’ve got to hold myself accountable, so I can move ahead with my writing. You can cheer me on (which I would appreciate), or just skip over those posts labeled “Progress.” 


3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. This makes good sense–even if not all your readers are concerned with the status of your work. Public displays of personal accountability do seem to act as motivators.

    See? I’m cheering you on already!

  2. Good luck, E — I’ll try to cheer you on here.

    Just to show you how dedicated some people are to getting busy on their works in progres, Paige Parsons just discontinued her blog this week and reported in on the 400/100 Challenge with four times as many pages as she’s ever reported before. Hmmm. Is there a lesson to be learned here…?


    Uh, nope. 😀

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