Troop Commander Wales

harry.jpg Please don’t send Prince Harry to Iraq! 

I felt nothing but dismay when I heard they were considering it. Of course, he’s not more important than other young men, and it’s too bad that any young men have to go to war. But why send the third in line to the British throne? He has the position and platform to accomplish things — humanitarian, artistic, philanthropic, whatever — that other young men cannot. Harry may turn out to do absolutely nothing of value, but he does have the opportunity, if he rises to it. That’s the difference between him and all the other young men we also hate to risk. I would think he could find better things to do at home than go off and become “canon fodder.”

I know Prince Harry has said he wants to go, but I feel that’s just the macho braggadocio of a 22-year-old. Since he’s gone on record for being patriotic and brave, can’t they just keep him home now?

Prince Harry would make an excellent  target, both for the Iraqis and for his own men. I’ve read that royals have always had it hard in the military and in school, because in later life, men loved to be able to say “I kicked the future King of England!”

Hasn’t the royal family had enough heartache? Why add to it with the death of Prince Harry?

Sue me, but I think sending Harry to Iraq is just wrong on so many levels.


3 thoughts on “Troop Commander Wales

  1. As a veteran and an American, I am horrified by this elitist slant on who should serve in the fight for freedom. We rebelled against inherited rights and privileges in 1776. If harry’s unit goes, so should he, as he has requested, I note. Totally honorable and, yea, romantic. Your Anglophilic slip is showing, betty.

  2. Harry wants to go and he’s said that if he’s not allowed, he will resign his commission. I think he has every right to go, but I do wonder why they’re sending him now when Blair just announced a plan to get British troops out of Iraq. I actually think his mother would be quite proud of him for serving in Iraq.

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