Hotel Wilber

hotel-wilber.jpg  Nebraska Romance Writers is an active group. This weekend, we held a writing retreat at the Hotel Wilber in Wilber, Nebraska. Some stayed three nights; I stayed last night.

For those of you who don’t know, Wilber is the “Czech Capital of the U.S.” It’s a little town of 1,500 mostly Czech people with a rich heritage. They host the Czech Festival every summer, complete with kolaches, a parade, beer gardens, and the crowning of a Czech Queen. During the Festival, Wilber’s population surges to over 50,000. The Hotel Wilber was built in 1895; it’s very well-kept, with something interesting and charming to explore in every nook and cranny.

Six of us stayed up late, gorging on home-made food like sausage, sauerkraut, and potato dumplings, brainstorming our writing projects, making 2007 plans for the group, chatting, and laughing. Then we slept in quaint little bedrooms filled with antiques.

This afternoon, we visited the Czech Museum, where a woman sat at a loom, weaving rag rugs. I’m not Czech, but I did feel like I was traveling back in time, to small-town Americana. 

I had never been to Wilber before, and this was a great weekend get-away. It’s our 2nd Annual Retreat at the Hotel Wilber, hopefully to be continued every February. Just another perk of belonging to NRW, the local chapter of Romance Writers of America.


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