Las Vegas Thoughts

vegas-sign.jpg Well, I’ll be on the plane home tomorrow. Today was devoted to exploring the other end of the Strip — shopping and rides at the Luxor, seeing the pool extraordinaire at Mandalay Bay, etc. 

Here are some random observations about my trip to Vegas:

I was amazed at how many people walked around, doing absolutely everything, with cell phones plastered to their ears.

The casinos and hotels don’t provide any benches or places to sit down — on purpose! People have to walk incredibly long distances up and down the Strip, in and out of huge hotels, but the only places they can sit down, rest, and dream are in front of slot machines or in restaurants — places they have to spend money. This is reprehensible, in my opinion, but everything in Vegas is all about the money.

After staying at the Venetian last visit, staying at Circus, Circus this time was a definite come-down. It really isn’t very nice. We won’t stay here again, even if we have to stay fewer days next time at a better place.

Hotels like the Venetian are operating with a new philosophy, according to a guidebook. They say they believe visitors would like some high-class entertainment, besides just gambling. I think and hope they’re right, because I agree with them!  

It was eerie hearing everything on TV this week about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Kind of reminiscent of the year we were vacationing in Breckenridge, Colorado, over the Labor Day weekend when Princess Diana died. That’s all you heard about on TV.

I love to visit Vegas. It’s not my very favorite place to vacation, but it’s great fun. Would I like to live here? I don’t know. They only get 4″ of rain a year, and I’d miss the rain something awful.

The newest thing is high-rise condos for sale on the Strip. Donald Trump is building a huge one, all golden, of course. I believe they start at $1 million and on up. Now, if I owned one of those, I could be talked into living here. 

Every taxi driver we spoke to said that he gambles. One said that locals who say they don’t gamble are probably lying, and that locals have to eventually get hold of themselves or move away from the town.

A list came out this week, saying that Las Vegas gained the dubious distinction of being ranked as the #1 city in the U.S. with the fattest people. I can well understand why. The food here is marvelous, and there’s so much of it! We had the buffet at Caesar’s Palace last night, and it was delicious — prime rib, crab legs, sushi, orange chicken, beautiful desserts, etc. etc. etc. Food is as addictive here as gambling, shopping, and shows!

Las Vegas has a fascinating history. From “The Meadows” of the Paiute Indians, to Bugsy Siegel, to Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, to Howard Hughes, to Elvis — colorful, larger-than-life characters have made this place just as colorful and larger-than-life.  

All of the displays make me just itch to get out and garden. And while I’m at it — how about adding some sparkling lights and statuary to my garden at home? What about a theme garden? Chinese? Greek? Roman? And I want a water feature — a small pond or fountain. That will all have to wait for warmer weather.

Las Vegas is a fantasy, and I can’t wait to come back!


4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Thoughts

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time in Vegas. That’s awesome. Did you make it off of the strip at all? I always like to get into the “real” Las Vegas at least part of the time when I’m there. It’s really like any other town, and a small town at that, once you get off of the money-grubbing mecca of the strip. I live in a gambling town, but have yet to gamble there. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gone into a casino to have dinner. Please tell us more of your Vegas travels when you return.

  2. I remember looking out my hotel window during the daytime and thinking how ugly Vegas was in the glaring hot sun.

    I wouldn’t mind going back to see things again – I might be a bit less nervous this time since last time I was there I got married!

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