The Venetian

venetian.jpg Here I am in Las Vegas, and I haven’t even wanted to gamble. Well, ok… I lost $5.00 on slot machines, but forget Blackjack. I’ve been busy! Today, Dh had to do business at the Surfaces floorcovering market, so I spent a most wonderful day at the Venetian. There are so many things to do there, all in the ambience of Venice and its canals. 

gondoa.jpgFirst came a gondola ride. Kind of reminiscent of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Hehe… You ride very gently through the blue canals past the Venetian shops. Your gondalier sings in Italian and people wave and watch as you drift by.


 The Living Statues entertain in the Piazza San Marco. A guy comes out in white with white face paint. He looks exactly like a marble statue and stands in a pose. The only way you can tell he’s alive is to watch his eyes. It’s fascinating. And peoples’ reactions are equally fun to watch. They go by and do double takes as they realize he’s alive.

Then on to Sephora — everything in makeup and perfume you’d ever want to try or buy. They even had Bare Minerals!

A hot fudge / raspberry sundae at Ghirardelli’s gave me energy to continue.

mapplethorpe.jpg The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum is currently offering  “Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition.” He took art from the 15th and 16th centuries, and copied the poses in modern nude photographs. The exhibit also showed a few of his BDSM pics, but it was mostly art in the classical tradition. Very classy and interesting. That’s probably the thing I love most about traveling — fresh ideas!


Time to relax and sit dreaming outside in the beautiful, warm weather (so different from Nebraska’s cold and snow!), watching gondolas go by in the blue canal, listening to music from “Phantom of the Opera” (which they play since it’s showing in their theater right now), watching an adorable young couple having their wedding photos taken on the Piazza, and people-watching.

depp.jpg Next comes Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Highlights were Johnny Depp, Bono, and holding George Clooney’s hand. The wax figures looked so real, it was almost scary.

mirage.jpg Dinner over at the Mirage.

I know, I know — I’m spoiled rotten to the core. But I love Las Vegas!



One thought on “The Venetian

  1. Oh Betty, it sounds like you’re having a WONDERFUL time! Wow. When we were in Vegas, we didn’t go to the Venetian – in fact, I don’t think it was even there. We went to the Luxor instead – Egyptian-themed place. Loved it.

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