Blackjack Fever

blackjack.jpgLas Vegas, here I come! Next week, Dh has a business market to attend, so I’m tagging along. Naturally, my fancy is lightly turning to thoughts of . . . Blackjack.

Now I’m not a gambler. My father (who was an addictive gambler) turned me off completely to the dangers of the game. Gambling caused no end of trouble for our family, so I’ve been well warned.  *shudder*

But when I go to Vegas, I always lose a little at the slot machines, just for fun. I’ve always been intimidated by table games. What if I make a faux pas? How embarrassing! Besides, I hate working with numbers. Also — call me blonde — I’m susceptible to distractions, quickly losing focus and concentration — a sure recipe for being a sucker and losing money. So I mostly stick to wandering around, oggling the hotel attractions, taking gondola rides at the Venetian, window-shopping at Caesar’s Palace shops, eating buffets, and having what most Vegas veterans would say is pretty mundane, tame, and harmless fun.

I don’t know, this year . . . Maybe it’s the effect of seeing the new Bond in Casino Royale, but I’ve been studying the book, The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Gambling. IF I were to play any game, it would be Blackjack, since it has better odds. This week, I’ve been memorizing the chart on how to play.

The next step is to go to a web site where one can practice Blackjack — It’s great! It tells you if you win or lose; but more importantly, it tells you if you’re playing correctly. This is the real telling detail because you might win or lose just from luck; but if you play correctly, over time, you’ll eventually have a chance to win.

I began by playing correctly 37% of the time. With a little practice, I’m now up to playing correctly 50% of the time.

Lesson learned?  I’d be a fool to step anywhere near a Blackjack table. Unless I just want to pay for a little fun. I’ll keep you tuned.

Are you a gambler?


3 thoughts on “Blackjack Fever

  1. Mr. Robin would tell you that farming is a total gamble. And I must have some gambling blood in me or I wouldn’t have chased him. But I try minimize my risk whenever possible, so no, I wouldn’t really call myself a gambler.

    Have a great time, and good luck!

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