Dancing with the Stars

dancing-with-the-stars.jpgWhat a spectacular evening! Ten of us from Basically Ballroom went to “Dancing with the Stars – The Live Tour” at the Quest Center in Omaha, then out to dinner. We were high up in the nosebleed section. As we climbed stairs, I began to feel like I’d switched TV shows from “Dancing with the Stars” to “Everest: Beyond the Limit.” But as the show was about to begin, we spotted a group of lower seats, moved down, and all was well.

Once the show began, everything was forgotten as the dancers mesmerized us with their elegance, athleticism, gorgeous costumes, and fancy choreography. It was unbelievable. The bright colors, music, and light show added to the exuberance. They did a waltz and foxtrot, but mostly focused on high-energy, flashy dances like the Cha Cha, Rumba, and Tango. One set was a reprise of 70’s Disco Inferno.

Between sets, the dancers talked about how dancing has impacted their lives, how their bodies constantly hurt and thank goodness for Epsom salts and Advil, how confidence builds, and how we should never be afraid to get out there and dance.

This was a night of inspiration and fun that began the New Year right! Dance on!


5 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars

  1. Even if I were inclined to dance, Mr. Robin is most definitely not. When his brothers-in-law tried to drag us onto the dance floor at his sister’s reception, he ripped a horribly smelly one and cleared a ten-foot circle around us. No one has ever tried to make him dance since.

  2. Robin, I know how that is. Dh refuses to go with me. I guess when he was in 4th grade, they were square dancing in school, he made a mistake, and everyone laughed. He swore never to dance again! Oh, the angst! The drama!

    So I go without him. There are two male teachers and any other males that show up are drafted to dance with us unescorted females. We women have also been known to dance together on occasion. Somehow, it all works out!

  3. “Ripped a horribly smelly one?” Who knew Nebraska romance writers were such journalists?

    For the record, I love to dance but I’m all the way out on the East Coast. I believe I would be very popular in Hooper, at least.

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