Rocky Balboa

rocky-3.jpgSaw this movie over the holidays, and I highly recommend it, especially if you liked the previous Rocky offerings. There were some Rocky movies there in the middle that I thought got a little tiresome, but this one is very good! It kind of puts the cap on the first movie, bringing back many of the old characters and memories.

     Baby boomers will particularly like this Rocky. He’s now 59, out of shape, his face wrinkled, etc. But, believe it or not, he goes back for one more fight.

     The theme of the first Rocky movie was “If I can go the distance, I’ll know I weren’t just a bum from the neighborhood.” The theme of this one is “Life is tough; but when you get knocked down, you just have to keep getting back up and moving forward.”  Inspiration for us all, starting off a brand new year.


2 thoughts on “Rocky Balboa

  1. I’ll have to wait for the video of this one — if I get to the theater soon, it will be with the kids and we’ll be seeing Night At The Museum (or whatever it’s called). I can’t believe Rocky was was resurrected after all these years! 😀

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