Santa to Myself

female-santa.jpgNot to sound like a Scrooge or anything, but Christmas shopping can be such a pain. Dh is impossible to buy for, since he doesn’t want anything (or so he says). My daughter, on the other hand, wants and could use everything! I hate the thought of trudging through stores, hoping to magically come across just the right presents that will delight everybody.

     But I have a cure for the Christmas shopping blues. I buy a present for myself, too, while I’m out. And I refuse to feel guilty about it!   *evil grin*

     There’s always the intriguing book. All the perfumes are out in lovely boxed sets, complete with bath gel, lotion, etc. A new Christmas sweater is always good — when I substitute teach, a picture of a reindeer on my chest keeps the students’ attention focused on me (somewhat). Egg nog and Christmas treats that should be verboten can be sneaked at this time also.  

     Do you shop for yourself at Christmas? I can’t believe I’m the only one. It sure makes the season more HoHoHo!


4 thoughts on “Santa to Myself

  1. I don’t set out to shop for myself at Christmas, but usually find at least one little trinket to take home for me. Guess it’s a girly thing, and I’m a girl.

  2. I bought myself the Charlie Brown Christmas CD – the Vince Guaraldi Trio one. LOVE it. Oh, and I also bought a few books…hehe. Couldn’t help it.

    I’ve found the secret to Christmas shopping – do it online!!! That’s how I’ve bought almost every gift this year.

  3. Okay, I’m at Wal-Mart yesterday getting a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, and as I’m walking down the aisle, the CD “Magic: The Very Best of Olivia Newton John” practically jumped off of the display and into my hands. It was as if there were no other CDs in the store, for that was the only one I noticed. I confess. It had to go home with me. The Grease Megamix with John Travolta is just too fun.

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