Prairieland BIAW

laptop-computer.jpgWith the help of Prairieland Romance Writers, I’ve challenged myself to write this week! I recently rejoined this RWA chapter in Grand Island. I had belonged before and let my membership lapse, and I’m so glad I rejoined! Last week, they had an online discussion, led by Julie Miller, about the revision process. This week, we’re beginning a new “Book in a Week” project.

BIAW is a simple plan where you pledge to write a certain number of pages in a week. Then you post online each evening, reporting on your progress. It’s a way of committing to writing more than usual, just for one week. We’ve done it in our Nebraska Romance Writers chapter, and now here’s another one.

I have pledged to write 40 pages this week. I actually started last night, reworking my outline for a Silhouette Desire. Today, I’ll continue working on it.

To all my romance-writing friends out there — it certainly doesn’t hurt to belong to more than one RWA chapter. Even if you can’t get to meetings, you can keep up with chapter doings by computer. It’s a nice way of keeping in touch with old friends, making new ones, and being constantly inspired in many different ways.



3 thoughts on “Prairieland BIAW

  1. Amen, Elizabeth! I love belonging to several chapters, as well as several online groups. It makes writing a lot less lonely.

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