Brokeback Distraction

brokeback-mountain.jpgI didn’t see it at the theater, and it’s finally on HBO, so I saw it this week — Brokeback Mountain. I am absolutely blown away! What a wonderful movie. Then I got Annie Proulx’s short story, and the movie follows it exactly. She’s a great writer — the details, characterizations, and dialogue are finer than fine.

This is where the distraction comes in — here, I’m all set to begin my First Draft in 30 Days on an erotic romantica novel, but when I read something like Brokeback Mountain, I think that’s what I should be trying to write! You know, the true to life, detailed-oriented, “real” stuff. I’m not disparaging romantica or romance novels, but they just don’t usually have the the quality and emotion of something like Brokeback Mountain.

*sigh* I regularly get distracted like this. I think it’s partly fear about the writing. Partly a wide range of interests. Partly an unwitting method of procrastination.

So I will just continue working on my new romantica book, but think about a Brokeback Mountain story in the back of my mind? Try to have the best of both worlds?

Writing is difficult and downright maddening — but oh, so much fun. 


2 thoughts on “Brokeback Distraction

  1. That is the key, Elizabeth — write what you’ve got the urge to write. I love nothing better than reading a book that has all the things I look for — a book that’s long, well-written, emotional, erotic, historically accurate and detailed… There’s not enough of that in print yet. You could be on the cutting edge.

    And THANK YOU for telling me Brokeback Mountain is on HBO — I’ve wanted to see it forever!

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