Back to Work

bad-turkey.jpgOh, it’s so good to be back at work after the four-day Thanksgiving vacation! At first, I was glad to get the time off and be able to sleep late. But about half-way through, with all the food preparation, the overeating, the outlaw in-laws, the traveling, etc., I was wishing for a little peace and quiet. Like many writers, I’m basically an introvert and too many people in my face day after day makes me tense. 

Does anybody else feel this way today — relieved to get “back to the grind,” and grateful to have a grind to get back to?


3 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Hmm. I guess I was yesterday, but now that I’m actually back IN the work grind, I’m not too happy. I could really do without the whole 8-5 thing every day. Maybe three days a week wouldn’t be bad, though.

  2. I’m getting terrible about that — unless I’m in a crowd of writers, I’m usually just nodding and smiling and biding my time until I can get back to my computer. 😀

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