Casino Royale

ian-fleming.jpgWarning — spoilers follow! After turkey on Thanksgiving, we went to Casino Royale, and, as a writer, I came away happy. Now we have the backstory and beginnings of a great character. Ian Fleming (pictured here) wrote Casino Royale, which was his first Bond book; and I read it back in college. This movie is very true to the book. The movie plot makes big use of cell phones, which, of course, weren’t around back then. And I don’t remember the book showing a house falling into a Venice canal. But all the other book scenes are there in the movie — the poker game at Casino Royale, Felix Leiter providing money after Bond loses the first time, the chair torture scene, Bond falling in love with Vesper. And, of course, that telling last line — “The bitch is dead.” Bond, with all his gloriously unemotional violence, is born. He calls himself “Bond . . . James Bond” for the first time, and his theme song plays.

I loved it, and I’m sure Ian Fleming would approve. And, oh yeah, Daniel Craig makes an awesome Bond, right up there with Sean Connery.

If you love Bond, get the book. It’s a great read!


2 thoughts on “Casino Royale

  1. LOL! Another romance writer who loves the new Bond. 😀 I was watching the trailer on YouTube a couple of days ago and suddenly, I really wanted to see it again. I might have to sneak off without Mr. Robin to see it again. His birthday is next Tuesday (I’m an older woman by ten days) and he’s going to have dinner with our foster-daughter and kids again, so that’ll be my treat to myself.

  2. I’m so glad you liked it, Betty! I went to see it again on Friday and loved it just as much the second time. Can’t wait until it comes out on DVD.

    I’m going to hop on over to Barnes and Noble and snag the book. 🙂

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