Perfume Passion

coco-mademoiselle.jpgI adore one of life’s pleasures — perfume! It creates such a lovely aura and says so much about a person. Throughout my life, I’ve gone through myriad scented lotions and eau de toilettes. I even worked for three years in fragrances/cosmetics at Dillard’s and had the time of my life!

One whiff of a distinctive scent can bring back so many memories. In high school, I smelled like peaches, and Emeraude was all the rage. My father once gave me a bottle of Heaven Scent. Later, when we went to Walt Disney World, I always wore O! de Lancome. For a certain man, I would break out Fifth Avenue. My best friend likes Paloma.

I’ve also been known to change scents according to season and holiday. Lilac in the spring, spice in the fall, Winter Candy Apple for Christmas. Of course, anything that smells like chocolate is heaven — how about Angel by Thierry Mugler?

The one scent I always come back to is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. If I had a “signature scent,” this would be it.  Top Notes of citrus and orange sparkle. Middle Notes of jasmine and rose deepen. Then it drys down to Base Notes of vanilla and white musk. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments. Happy sigh . . . guess I’ll go spritz some on right now.

Do you have a favorite perfume?



5 thoughts on “Perfume Passion

  1. Perfume is my one and only nod to luxury — or cosmetics. 😀 My signature scent, which I’ve worn off and on since high school, is Estee Lauder’s Aliage. For some reason, it and my body chemistry really click. It smells like fresh-cut grass and buttery leather, very clean and yet rich and soft. Perfect. And the great thing is, NOBODY else wears it — our Herbergers only gets two or three bottles at a time, every great while.

    I also went through a Heaven Scent stage, as well as Windsong, Leffleur, and I still enjoy a squirt of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful or Private Collection for dressy occasions.

  2. I’ve always loved Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion and White Diamonds and Chanel No. 5, but lately I wear only those scents that I create myself. I love the challenge of finding just the right blend of top, middle and bottom notes so that it smells great throughout the day. Layering perfume is more fun than layering just the right outfit for a special occasion. Pettigrain or Bergamot? Vetiver or Patchouli? So many fragrances, so little time. My latest creation includes cocoanut, opium, lavender and vetiver. Haven’t given it a name yet. Maybe I’ll go for something like, Finished Manuscript.

    “The horizon all around me breathed out perfume announcing her arrival as the fragrance precedes a flower.” Colin Franzen (ed.) “Poems of Arab Andalusia”

  3. I remember Aliage–it was great–didn’t know that they still made it–an older friend of mine is hooked on Salvidor Dahli–can only get it when she goes out of the country–she also swears by something called “Touch of Venus” that she gets in Los Angeles–I still love Paloma but right now am wearing Allure—hard to find things that work on my skin–but love shopping for it!

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