Update on my Writing

Mr. RochesterTime to update about the status of my writing. I haven’t talked about it since my “Afraid of Halloween” post. Since then, I’ve been working on my steamy novella — editing, tightening, lengthening, adding a sex scene, etc. Today, I’m ready to print it out for one final look-through. Then it’ll be off — submitted through cyberspace to one of the online romantica lines. If they don’t take it, there are lots of others to try.

The romance markets have changed so much over the years! I’ve watched many trends get hot, stick around, come and go out of favor. Back when I started, 400-page single-title historicals were all the rage. Then short contemporaries all about “brides, babies, and cowboys” took precedence. Next, romantic suspense got hot, with some of the major romance stars moving over into single-title suspense. After Bridget Jones’ Diary came out, a whole new genre was spawned — Chick Lit. The latest rage is online ebook erotic romantica, especially paranormal and vampires. I love how everything changes, and new markets and opportunities for writers appear.

It all makes me hope the good ol’ Gothics will come back some day — I never got tired of them. You’ll know them by their covers. Anybody for an isolated mansion, a dangerous hero, and a frightened heroine running away in the night, clad in a white nightgown and holding a candle? I just KNOW I’m not the only one who fell hard for Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre’s ultimate Gothic hero!


2 thoughts on “Update on my Writing

  1. Oh, I loved Jane Eyre. And I loved and breathed Victoria Holt’s novels all through junior high school. I practically had The Shivering Sands memorized. Gothics were, indeed, excellent reading.

  2. I read a lot of gothic novels in high school and loved them. Rosalind Laker had a few great historical gothics that I enjoyed.

    You’re doing AWESOME on the writing front, Betty! Keep it up!!!

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