computer.jpgI’ve used AOL for years and years because I love it. I like keeping my same email address, my address book, my IM’ing, and my “Favorites” settings. I like the content on the opening page. And now it’s even free!

However, every so often, AOL upgrades. Today, I downloaded the new AOL “OpenRide,” and it’s taken me hours to explore it and get my new settings right. I’m still not sure if I’m going to like it as well as the old AOL, but these things take time to get used to.

This is when I wish I were a little kid again. I substitute-teach computer classes in Lincoln Public Schools, and even the kindergarten kids are already so computer-literate and sharp, it’s mind-boggling. I can’t imagine what they’ll be doing with computers when they’re my age. Probably virtual reality– if they want to be in Paris having sex with Daniel Day-Lewis, they’ll think they are. It’ll be as good as real!

What’s really depressing is that virtual reality is about the extent of my imagination. They’ll be doing cool new things nobody has even thought of yet. Wish I could be around to see it. 


3 thoughts on “AO-HELP!

  1. For anyone interested in AOL, I just deleted the new OpenRide software. It had way too many bells and whistles, which slowed my computer way down. Plus, some of the features weren’t as good as the old. For example, you had to open an email before you could delete it. There are just some emails I don’t ever want to open. Plus, the OpenRide had four windows always open, so they said you didn’t have to toggle between them, but you actually did — because if you wanted to work in one, it enlarged and the others became tiny. Isn’t this the same as toggling? Never thought I wouldn’t want the latest, but in this case, I did.

  2. The downside of all this computer use is that penmanship is becoming a lost art, and not just among kids. I used to have nice handwriting, but I do it so seldom now, I have trouble scrawling out the payee on a check. 😀 Oh, well — everything’s a trade-off.

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