Will You Write Today?

quill-pen.jpgLet’s assume you’ve decided writing is important to you. You have a window of time today (maybe even just 15 minutes), and you have a project in the back of your mind. Will you actually write today, or will you do something else and then feel slightly disappointed? Here are three quotations I think about to get myself to the computer:

(1) “On the days you can’t seem to get started, just sit down and begin, because very often what’s stopping you is not actually the writing, but that you’re distracted. Once you get into the world of the book, something usable will always come.” — Susan Isaacs.  It’s not me — it’s just those darned distractions that make my mind feel scattered! Forget about them for a little while.

(2) “Make something, and the ideas will come.” — August Rodin. The “making,” no matter how fumbling, even aimless at first, will itself be an inspiration. Sometimes I don’t know what I think about something, until  I start writing about it. Oh! Then the lightbulb goes on.

(3) There’s really no reason to worry about what editors, agents, readers, or critics think, until the last stage of submitting. Right now, I can indulge myself and have some fun with today’s writing.

What do you tell yourself so that you’ll write today?


2 thoughts on “Will You Write Today?

  1. I tell myself that if I don’t write today, it’ll be that much easier not to write tomorrow, and then again the next day, and the day after…

    Today is the only day I have to write.

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