Ernest and Me

ernest-hemingway.jpgOne of the teaching hats I wear is as substitute teacher for Lincoln Public Schools. Today I taught five classes of English at Culler Middle School. The kids were a little naughty, but who cares? I got to teach Hemingway’s story, “A Day’s Wait,” reading and discussing it with the kids five times throughout the day. It was worth it all to spend a day with Ernest.

What a great story. Showing how to be brave  with “grace under pressure.” Showing how writers should “show, not tell.” Showing the love between  father and son. And showing how much of Hemingway’s writing was “like an iceberg — below the surface.”

My other favorite Hemingway story is “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.”

I hope a few of today’s students liked the story and came away with the deep, rich feeling I always get from reading E.H.


4 thoughts on “Ernest and Me

  1. Oh, now that’s how I’d like to be as a writer…mostly under the surface. Unfortunately, I tend to lean the other direction. Maybe I ought to go back and have another look at that required reading, which I deliberately forgot as soon as the assignments ended. 😀

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