In Defense of Blogs

A friend of mine in Virginia was once asked by a tourist, “Do you have a presence here in Colonial Williamsburg?”

“Well, yes,” replied my friend. “I’ve been here 20 years, and I’m on the Colonial Task Force for–”

“No, no,” the tourist interrupted. “I mean — is there a ghost here?”

Oh!  That kind of “presence”!

Which leads me to the subject of blogs. I’m new to them, so I’m fascinated by all their ramifications. Online, I learned that there are currently over 34 million blogs, and more every day. On the other hand, there are a large number of skeptics who never read them because they’re “self-indulgent drivel, a waste of time, and therefore, a waste of money.” Why, that makes them practically un-American!

So I had to ask the question — is anybody actually reading my blog? I went to the Blog Stats, so thoughtfully provided by Sure enough, I’ve had maybe 90 readers, 48 on my best day. Since then, the numbers have dwindled, mainly to fellow blogging friends. Not even a blip on the national radar screen.

But darn it! I’m having so much fun! Writers write — they just have to. And since I went through a block, it’s sheer joy to just write every day. I don’t have to worry about genre formulas, what an editor or agent might think, if it’s “literary,” or anything else. I can just express myself about whatever I’m thinking that day. And I’m just hoping, some of that joy will rub off on my writing-for-pay.

So, 34 million bloggers can’t be wrong. And whether it’s read or not, I’m going to continue having my “presence” (oooooOOOOOooooo) on the web.


One thought on “In Defense of Blogs

  1. I love blogging, too. I’ve “met” so many new people in the time I’ve been blogging! The best way I know to get people to comment on your blog is to comment on theirs and make a habit of visiting them. Of course, with over 34 million blogs, we can’t visit ALL of them! LOL

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