Buffalo Bill

buffalo-bill.jpgLast night, I dreamed I was part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. When she hit a bulls-eye, I yelled out in triumph, “Annie Oakley”!

Laughing — I know, I know — I have very strange and vivid dreams. That guy in the TV commercial who dreams about Abe Lincoln and a beaver has nothing on me. (And isn’t that play on the word “beaver” delicious?)

But it’s not so unusual that I would dream of Bill’s Wild West. I’ve read several books about him and think he’s a fun local hero — truly a larger-than-life man. With his imagination, he was Nebraska’s answer to Walt Disney. And the Wild West show? To show you some of the excitement it raised — when he took it to London, Queen Victoria came out of years of mourning to make a rare public appearance, just because she wanted to see it.

When people say there’s nothing in Nebraska, I have to counter, “Hey, we have Buffalo Bill Cody!”


One thought on “Buffalo Bill

  1. Hey, young lady! I can’t believe you just posted about dreams, because I did, too. 😀 BTW, I just tagged you to tell five interesting things about yourself. See my blog for details. Good luck!

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