What’s in a Name?

betty-boop.jpgMy parents chose the name, “Elizabeth Ann Payne.” I’ve been told they were considering “Diane,” until they sped up the pronunciation and came up with “Dyin’ Pain.”

I’ve always been known as “Betty,” which I don’t really like. It sounds like “Betty and Wilma.” Or something from the ’50s. Plain and housewifey.

So when I began writing, I became “Elizabeth” again and try to use it in all my professional activities. Can’t get away from the nickname with people who know me, though.

Somebody online loved the name “Betty,” however! Said it means a hottie — as in “She’s a Betty.” Must come from Betty Boop, I don’t know. And I have been known as “Boops.” So I guess it isn’t all bad.

Here are my writing pseudonyms:

Historical Romance          – Elizabeth Parker

Contemporary Romance –  Karen Parker
Mystery                              – E.A. Parker
Children’s/YA                   – Echo Howard
Magazine Articles            – Elizabeth Parker
Romantica             – Liz Howard

But, what’s in a name, after all?


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