Halloween Dance

 Oh, the Halloween Dance at Basically Ballroom was so fun. Everybody showed up in costume. I went as Vampira with a black dress and collar that turned up in points around my face. At first, they played Halloween music, and at the end. In the middle, they played standard dance tunes. We had lots of food and wine. They turned all the lights down low, except the little sparkly ones lining the walls.

This Friday night, we’re going to talk about a new program called “Hobby Club.” They said we all dance, but we don’t get to know each other. So we’re going to make suggestions about getting together for other things, such as dinner, movies, dancing at other places around town, etc.

I ordered dancing shoes, which should be in by then. They’re special 2 1/2″ heels, and the soles are suede. You have to brush the bottoms of your shoes. That’s so you slide across the floor better.

Ballroom dancing rocks! Have you tried Basically Ballroom?


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